Professional, established company providing general contractor’s services in con

KLEMENT a.s. is a professional, established company providing general contractor’s services in construction and mechanical engineering in the Czech Republic and abroad since 1990.


  • 16/5/2016


    At the end of April KLEMENT a.s. completed urgent demolition of 5 three- and four-floor basement buildings of row development in J.E.Purkyně University Campus in Ústí nad Labem. Demolished buildings, utilized in the past as consulting rooms of the Regional Hospital doctors,  gave way to the newly designed development. Demolition works and disposal of demolition waste were carried out without traffic restrictions and disturbance of regular everyday life of the University. Therefore, all necessary measures were taken to minimize dustiness  and ensuring safety on and around the construction site.  The Work included engineering activities, i.e. negotiating with relevant authorities, such as the North Bohemian Water Supply and Sewerage (SČVAK), Czech Power Company (ČEZ) and others. After completion of the demolition works and removal of redundant waste to a landfill the site was graded .  


    Photo-documentation of the demolition can be found here...

  • 9/5/2016

    Line 503B Ústí n.L. – Střekov – Děčín východ

    Since August 2015 KLEMENT a.s. together with its Hungarian business partner Híd have taken part in reconditioning and reconstruction of railway line 503B section Ústí n.L. Střekov – Děčín východ, which is part of the track section 1001 Všetaty  – Děčín – P. Žleb. This is a double-track rail line of the TEN-T network with right hand traffic, electrified 3000 V DC traction system, equipped with an interlocking plant with both-way operation and maximum line speed of 80 km/hour serving besides passenger transport mainly for heavy freight transport  (D4 track load class).

    Works on the aforementioned line section have been implemented with the aim of upgrading the railway infrastructure, removal of the line speed drop, and related installation of speed profile V 130 which will lead to higher attractiveness of the railway transport and the increase in passenger safety.  

    Works on track rail 1 included: local maintenance of the track bed at the railway level-crossings and specified sections of the line under reconstruction, and replacement of the track grid in section Ústí n.L. - Střekov - Velké Březno. The new track grid is made mainly of 60 E2 rails with resilient W14 fastening to concrete sleepers B91S/1. In curves with radius under 500 m track grids with hardened rails 60 E2 350HT were installed.  Moreover, the interlocking system in section between railway stations Ústí nad Labem – Střekov and Boletice was upgraded and 5 existing bridges with rails laid on sleepers were reconstructed. At the same time, existing train stop Svádov was cancelled, and an out-track open platform with barrier-free access was built in the area with a higher density of population,  the superelevation was adapted and intermediate track transition curves were installed to maintain the existing line speed. Furthermore, 5 level-crossing bridges were replaced.

    Phase I of the project has been completed successfully; the whole Work will be handed over to the Investor within 2016.  

    Photos from the project implementation…

  • 18/4/2016


    On 13.4.2016 a change was made in KLEMENT a.s. at the post of the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the General Manager in scope of which, as on the aforementioned date, Ing. Tomáš Vohryzka terminated his appointment of the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the General Manager.

    New Chairman of the Board of Directors and the General Manager of KLEMENT a.s. with effect from 13.4.2016 is Ing. Vlastimil Kaňovský.    

    On 13.4.2016 the general meeting of KLEMENT a.s. decided on an alteration of the Articles of association in the part governing composition and activity of the Board of Directors, the subject-matter of which is, among others, an increase in number of members of the Board from four to five.    

    With effect from 13.4.2016 the Board of Directors of KLEMENT a.s. performs its tasks in the following composition: 

    • Ing. Vlastimil Kaňovský, Chairman of the Board of Directors
    • Ing. Jaroslav Novotný, Member of the Board
    • Ing. Jiří Chroustovský, Member of the Board
    • JUDr. Jaroslav Bartoš, Member of the Board
    • Ing. Radek Javornický, Member of the Board

    In the photograph from the left: Ing. Jiří Chroustovský, Ing. Jaroslav Novotný, Ing. Radek Javornický, JUDr. Jaroslav Bartoš, Ing. Vlastimil Kaňovský, RNDr.Libor Sadílek, Ing. Tomáš Vohryzka

  • 10/2/2016


    On 1.1.2016, Ing Zdeněk Urban was named to the newly established post of the company´s technical manager. Responsibilities of his team will, among others, include technical preparation of projects, negotiating potential business opportunities and project preparation with clients, coordination and assignment of technical staff to particular projects, and development of new fields of KLEMENT a.s. business activities. 

    Amended company structure effective since 1.1.2016 can be found here...

  • 4/11/2015

    Construction of the company´s training centre

    Construction of  KLEMENT a.s. training centre has been completed. The building is ready to serve for education and recreation of the company employees. You can follow the entire construction process on video records of the time lapse camera: 

  • 22/10/2015

    Aerial views of KLEMENT a.s. premises

    If you plan to visit the company for the first time we believe that the new video with aerial views of KLEMENT´s premises will make your journey easier. You can watch it in section CONTACTS or here:

  • 24/9/2015

    National stud farm opening ceremony

    On 24.9.2015, representatives of KLEMENT a.s. took part in the opening ceremony of the National stud farm Kladruby nad Labem, in the restoration of which the company employees were involved from January 2014 to September 2015.   

    On this occasion the National stud farm organized a short performance of its staff with Old Kladruby horses on the stud farm yard, and a ceremonial mass was celebrated in St. Wenceslas and Leopold Church. The ceremony was attended by a number of other prominent personalities, among others Mr. Marian Jurečka, Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Zdeněk Semorád, Deputy Minister for Regional Development, Mr. Roman Línek, 1st Deputy Governor of Pardubice Region, and Mr. Václav Jehlička, Advisor to the Minister of Culture.

    In two years, 16 national cultural monuments and 1 cultural monument were restored. Refurbished was the main stable area with adjacent Františkov and Josefov yards, the chateau, St. Wenceslas and Leopold Church, the carriage house and harnesses storage, the Church of Exaltation of the Holy Cross, three residential houses, the foresters´ lodge, and former water tower. The restoration works required a high level of adherence to the new structures´ authenticity and they were carried out under supervision of the Heritage Department. 

    If you wish to see the company´s achievements you can watch a video or have a look at the photographs here

  • 20/8/2015

    Reconstruction of Národní dům in Karlovy Vary

    KLEMENT a.s. has completed reconstruction of historical Art Nouveau building of Národní dům in Karlovy Vary.  The corner three-storey building in the historical centre of the Czech most famous spa town, built in 1899 – 1901, neglected and deteriorating for years, was restored into its original beauty for less than two years. In scope of the complete reconstruction of this cultural monument the company repaired the building´s facade including restoration of the fresco by notable Viennese painters Max Kurzweil and Wilhelm List, carried out reconstruction of the interiors, gala hall for 700 people, hotel rooms, café, restaurant, balneology and wellness centre with thermal water, and a car park which currently serves for guests of the GRANDHOTEL AMBASSADOR Národní dům.

    The accomplishments of the company´s staff can be admired during a visit to Karlovy Vary or in the attached photographs here…

    A video from the preparation and opening ceremony of Národní dům on the occasion of the spa season opening: 


  • 8/6/2015

    Awards in the "Construction of the Karlovy Vary Region" competition

    Success in the XV. Annual "Construction of the Karlovy Vary Region” Competition

    “Construction of the Karlovy Vary” competition has been organized annually by Karlovy Vary Regional Construction Association. The goal of the competition is to introduce the best constructions and projects selected by the expert panel to the general public.  The award ceremony was held on 5 June 2015. GRANDHOTEL AMBASSADOR - NÁRODNÍ DŮM, whose building contractor is KLEMENT a.s. won a prize in three categories:

    1st prize in the public voting in “Rescued monument” category

    2nd prize in the professional jury voting in “Construction of the year 2015“ category

     Award of the Governor of Karlovy Vary

    The score sheet can be downloaded here...

  • 2/6/2015

    Isolating transformers construction opening ceremony

    HRA – PST erection and installation

    On 2.6.2016, erection and installation of special PST isolating transformers (Phase Shifting Transformers) has started on the Czech-German border at Hradec u Kadaně substation. The project is financed by ČEPS, a.s. and implemented by Společnost Hradec in which KLEMENT a.s. is a member. The project worth two billion CZK and consisting of eight units weighing about 400 tons each is planned to be completed in December 2016.  The corner-stone laying ceremony, by which the project officially started, was held in presence of Ing. Tomáš Vohryzka, General Manager, Ing. Jiří Chroustovský, Sales Manager, and Ing. Petr Barák, Project Manager.

  • 7/5/2015

    Agreement signed between KLEMENT a.s. and A-HÍD Zrt.


    KLEMENT a.s. strengthens its position on the Czech market

    On 5.5.2015 at 15.00 hours the Agreement on Mutual Cooperation between KLEMENT a.s. and Hungarian company A-HÍD Zrt. was signed at the Ministry of Industry and Trade in Prague.  KLEMENT a.s. was represented by Ing. Tomáš Vohryzka, General Manager, and Ing. Petr Barák. On the occasion of the Agreement signature the following press release was issued:

    Press release

    Prague, 6 May 2015

    On 5.5.2015, agreement on mutual cooperation was signed by representatives of construction companies KLEMENT a.s. and Hungarian A-Híd Zrt.. The ceremonial act was accomplished by general managers of both companies, Tomáš Vohryzka and Lászlo Sal in presence of the Czech Minister of Industry and Trade Mr. Jan Mládek and his Hungarian counterpart, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Mr. Péter Szijjártó. Both parties declared that the main purpose of entering into this agreement was strengthening of the position on the Czech market.  

    “We seek increase in competitive strength on the domestic market, therefore, after thorough negotiation, we chose such a strategic partner who will make this increase feasible. A-Híd Zrt. is the trustworthy company with extensive experience in construction of underground railway, roads, motorways and railways,” said Tomáš Vohryzka, General Manager of KLEMENT a.s.

    A-Híd Zrt. is the Hungarian construction company based in Budapest specializing in construction of bridges and tunnels.

    Photographs from the ceremonial signature of the agreement can be found here..

  • 27/4/2015

    SOUp Jílové u Prahy opening ceremony

    SOUp Jílové u Prahy opening ceremony

    On 18.3.2015, the tape was cut and new premises of the Secondary Vocational School of Food Processing at Jílové u Prahy built by KLEMENT a.s. were opened. The official handover of new multifunction classrooms for about 180 students, gymnasium, conveniences and utilities replacing former nonconforming ground-floor school building destined for demolition was attended by representatives of the investor, Ing. Eva Hrušková, Headmistress, and Dr. Milan Němec, MBA, Deputy Governor of the Central Bohemian Region for Education, Youth and Sports, Ing. Jaroslav Novotný, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of KLEMENT a.s. on behalf of the contractor, and further prominent representatives of cultural and social life of the town.

    Photographs from the ceremony can be found here…

    For the new building´s photographs, please click here…

  • 5/4/2015

    Signature of commemorative scroll Ceremonial signature of the scroll at the National stud farm Kladruby nad Labem

    From January 2014 KLEMENT a.s., a member of the association of civil contractors, participated in a significant project of restoration of the National stud farm at Kladruby nad Labem, listed monument. The project included not only the reconstruction of the stud farm alone, such as stables, accommodation facilities and storages, but also restoration of the chateau, church, water tower, timber foresters´ lodge and the chapel belonging to the National culture monument area. During the restoration stress was laid primarily on maximum preservation of original materials and structures, and it was carried out under supervision of the Heritage Department. 

    On 5.4.2015, commemorative scrolls were signed. They will be placed as a testament for future generations into the spire roof of St. Wenceslas and Leopold Church on the yard of the National stud farm at Kladruby. For KLEMENT a.s. the documents were signed by Ing. Jaroslav Novotný, Production Manager, and the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors Ing. Zdeněk Urban, Head of the Technical Department, Ing. Martin Kohout, Josef Urban and Aleš Černý, for the client by Ing. Jiří Machek, Director, Mgr. Lenka Dudová and Ing. Radomír Koudelka. The act was attended by representatives of the association, companies V. P. Procházka s.r.o. and  RenoArt s.r.o.

    Photographs of the scroll and pictures documenting the restoration process can be found here…

  • 26/2/2015

    Employees of KLEMENT a.s. were given full credit for their work

    KLEMENT a.s. takes pride in executing the project called “MECHANICAL PART” in scope of the “General overhaul of caterpillar vehicle PVZ 2500/303“ for Elektroprim – Koutník (Client) and Vršanská uhelná a.s. (Investor) in extremely short period of time from 1.11.2014 to 30.1.2015, and in supreme quality.

    Photographs from the GO of PVZ 2500/303 can be found here:

    Photographs of PVZ 2005/303

  • 8/12/2014

    KLEMENT a.s. awarded in the “CZECH 100 BEST“

    On 28 November 2014, during the gala evening at the Spanish Hall of the Prague Castle Ing. Jan Mládek, CSc, Minister of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, awarded a prize in the category Civil Constructions & Transport of the “CZECH 100 BEST” to RNDr. Libor Sadílek, majority owner of KLEMENT a.s.. This competition is held annually by COMENIUS Pan-European Society based on nominations of respondents.

    Principal aim of the “Czech 100 Best” competition is to select, evaluate and award prizes to Czech companies from the broadest range of business activities which have achieved excellent or extraordinary results.


     For photographs from the prize award ceremony on the Prague Castle please click here...

  • 30/9/2010

    Interview with general manager in “Stavební a investorské noviny”

  • 20/9/2010

    The object of certification has been exteneded by the system of quality, environment protection and health and safety management system.

    Zlatý certifikát

  • 2/4/2010

    On April 1, 2009 KLEMENT, a.s. launched the “Organization and Process Innovation” project sponsored by the Operational Program Business and Innovation (OPPI).

    Loga EU, OPPI

    On April 1, 2009 KLEMENT, a.s. launched the “Organization and Process Innovation” project sponsored by the Operational Program Business and Innovation (OPPI). The goal of the project was to increase the company’s competitive advantage, ability to react to opportunities and to develop the company’s strengths while eliminating its weaknesses by implementing a new system of management, development, efficiency and human resources motivation

  • 10/9/2009

    KLEMENT, a.s. received funding from the “Human Resources and Employment Operational Program.” With co-financing from the European Social Fund in the Czech Republic, the company launched CZ.1.04/1.1.02/23 project “Strategic Investment into KLEMENT Workforce Education” on September 10, 2009. The project was completed on April 30, 2011.

    Loga EU, ESF

    The goal of the project was to increase qualification of KLEMENT a.s. employees and its competitive advantage on the construction and mechanical engineering markets. By implementing the project, the company aimed at creating favorable conditions for its internal development through continuous improvement of human resources potential by increasing qualification of its employees. On November 26, 2009, the company announced a tender for educational services contractor. The contract was awarded to Alkion Centrum, s.r.o.


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